L👀k 1 is going starting. Super siked on this fabric I designed from work by Don Lajara.


Connect The Dots is an international skate film contest, and I’m happy to announce that the film I directed & produced, Team Dream Team, made it to the finals!

Boston premiere - next Wednesday 10/15 - FREE FOR ALL AGES 630pm at Wonderbar 186 Harvard Ave, Allston.

Presented by @kingshitmag @converse_cons @hellaclips #ctd2014 #teamdreamteam

Was in a sk8 film over the summer…too cool.

Nacho normal dress on dat runway.

Studio inspiration.

Last night was sick!

Hand painted leather patches to be appliquéd on sheer holographic top.

Getting ready for collective creature show at liquid art house

gonna make jordan a dress out of her squashed mosquito sketch.


Progress of a look I’m making from Kira Doutt’s art.

Just got the textile design I did out of Kira Doutt’s work printed on organza. Soon to be a dress.

I really like making clothes.

I WEAVED THAT CROP TOP! And the skirt. I love weaving so much!!!

Double weave pick up sample. 8===D